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Indiana Economic Development Association members and friends are available to help qualified professionals find a job. On this page, you will occasionally find links to just such opportunities.To post a new job opening, email Jill Ewing, IEDA COO. There is a $150 (members)/$200 (nonmembers) fee for all job postings. Job postings will posted here for a period of 30 days.

Executive Search Support

The Indiana Economic Development Association is committed to elevating the professionalism of local economic development professionals. IEDA aims to accomplish this by providing professional development opportunities to its members, by providing scholarships for professionals that are seeking certification, and by offering assistance to local economic development boards as they search for an exceptional and qualified professional to fill an executive vacancy.

  • Monday, May 13, 2024 1:46 PM | Jill Ewing (Administrator)

    Indiana Economic Development Association (IEDA) Contract Position Posting

    The IEDA is seeking an innovative and collaborative leader to help launch the next chapter of the Association as we seek to be THE community for forward thinking economic developers.

    JOB TITLE: Executive Director via Contract Position
    REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
    SUPERVISES: Director of Operations

    JOB SUMMARY: Under the general direction of the Board of Directors (Board), serves as the association’s Executive Director. Assists the Board in formulating the organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and related policies and is responsible for their implementation. Has general and active management of the business of the Association in accordance with the adopted policies, direction, and instruction of the board of directors, executive committee, or the duly authorized representative of either.


    1. Implement strategic priorities for the Association which may include but are not limited to: Activities related to financial sustainability; membership structure, retention, and growth; key research projects; development and implementation of professional development opportunities; and stakeholder relationship development.
      1. Sustain and grow opportunities for membership and partner engagement.
      2. Lead and implement strategic planning as necessary with the Board.
      3. Develop a strategic financial plan that includes membership, sponsorship, and other revenue generating opportunities which outline strategies and annual goals for each. Work with the Director of Operations and/or Board to identify and secure new revenue sources and revenue generating opportunities.
      4. Develop and implement a membership program targeting specific retention and attraction efforts to support financial and membership goals outlined in the strategic financial plan.
      5. Develop and sustain relationships with sponsors and other investors to keep them engaged and committed to the organization.
      6. Align the work of the Director of Operations, lobbyist and any other consultants engaged with the Association with the organization’s mission, annual goals, and strategic plan. Promote maximum efficiency and productivity of all entities and volunteer resources including board members.
    2. Collaborate with the Association’s Board, Director of Operations, lobbyists and other consultants to achieve Association goals through the following efforts:
      1. Alignment with the Board of Directors: Maintain regular contact with the board chair and other board members as needed; create and implement a new board member orientation process; and work with the board to create a set of objectives and expectations for the Executive Director so that all parties are aligned with the expected outcomes from year to year.
        1. At the first board meeting of the year, the Executive Director and board members will develop a work plan for the Association with shared goals that incorporate the Board approved legislative principles and priorities.
        2. Prepare a written monthly report for the Board that is organized to identify monthly progress toward meeting the stated goals contained in the Contract. Work with Director of Operations and Board Chair to create an agenda and targeted outcomes for each monthly board meeting.
      2. Coordinate with the Director of Operations to fulfill the following:
        1. Work closely with the Board Treasurer to create and maintain an annual budget, monitoring process, and review the accuracy of each financial report prior to Board meetings.
        2. Regularly analyze the financial health of the organization.
        3. Develop a schedule for reviewing and updating organizational documents such as bylaws, taxes, vision, and mission statement as well as any other key organization documents.
        4. Negotiate all consultant fees for review and approval by the Board at the October board meeting, with input from relevant committees, for inclusion in the following year's budget.
        5. Create and review a marketing plan for membership.
        6. Facilitate the development and delivery of all IEDA conferences.
      3. Legislative Activities: Work with Association Legislative Committee to develop the following year’s principles and priorities for each legislative session; meet regularly with contracted lobbyists and legislative committee during session; provide legislative support when needed; testify before legislative committees as needed, including summer study committees; work to mobilize Association members as necessary to make contact with legislators; and assist lobbyists with educating members on the status of key bills that impact economic development.
      4. Member and Board Engagement: Create committee structures for the Association that will accomplish stated goals by utilizing the expertise of the Board and Association members. The Executive Director will be responsible for recruiting committee chairs, defining actionable goals, and creating a meeting schedule for each committee.
    3. Develop and strengthen strategic organizational relationships in line with the mission. Seek new opportunities to coordinate and collaborate with members, key stakeholder groups, professional organizations, state and local quasi-government organizations, federal and state agencies, and educational institutions that impact economic development in the State of Indiana.
    4. Promote engagement and outreach as a representative of the Association, which may include speaking on behalf of the Association at local, state, and federal functions.
    5. Develop, advance, and evaluate professional development opportunities for Association members.
    6. Oversee the operations of the IEDA Foundation. This includes working collaboratively with the Foundation’s Board of Directors to convene meetings, develop and implement goals and objectives, raise funds, and strengthen the Foundation’s visibility with IEDA membership.


    1. Ability to serve as an ambassador that inspires both members and partners to join the Association’s mission.
    2. Great collaborator.
    3. Dynamic communicator.
    4. Innovative ability to develop forward-thinking economic development strategies.
    5. Hands-on economic development experience.
    6. Must have a valid driver's license.
    7. Must have a personal vehicle for in-state travel. Mileage reimbursement will be provided.
    8. Seven to ten years of experience in at least one of the following areas: government, economic and community development, chambers of commerce, association management, public policy, business or related fields.
    9. Strong professionalism and personal integrity, required for operating in a confidential environment.
    10. Demonstrated management skills necessary to direct the Association and to meet goals that contribute to the overall success of the Association.
    11. Interpersonal and communication skills necessary to represent the Association, raise its profile and influence across the state, and make effective formal presentations before a variety of audiences.
    12. Strong ability to develop long-range plans including goals, objectives, and various strategies.
    13. Effective written skills to prepare internal correspondence, articles, and position papers.


    1. Background in fundraising practices.
    2. Experience with leading strategic planning efforts.
    3. Familiarity with Indiana’s legislative structure and process.
    4. Completion of a bachelor’s degree and/or comparable work experience.
    5. Economic development experience and related training or certifications.

    Not sure if you are a fit?

    We seek candidates with a broad range of experience. If you bring a different type of experience to the table, please explain in your cover letter how that experience will translate and enable you to succeed in this role.


    1. This is a remote position with no dedicated office space; however, a fair amount of the work will be conducted in the field.
    2. Travel required within Indiana. Overnight stays may be required from time to time and specifically during Association conferences.
    3. Evening meetings could be an occurrence, although not regularly outside of Association conferences.

    COMPENSATION: Hybrid compensation model comprised of a retainer and profit share commission. Annual retainer set at $96,000 ($8,000/month). Profit share commission to be established as a percentage of fundraising exceeding the annual target established by the Board. This is a contractual position without benefits. Mileage and other relevant business expenses will be reimbursed.


    Jill Ewing
    Director of Operations


    Erin Schneider
    Board Chair

    Visit for Association information.

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